Hi there

I'm Saba.
A game dev entrepreneur, a multidisciplinary 2d and 3d artist, NFT collector, and a MOM of one human and 8 cats.. Yes, 8.
I love to create and spread positivity!- Founder & artist of the FuZZieMiNTs- Founder & CEO of indie game dev studio, Stories Studio

FuZZieMiNTs- My passion project

FuZZieMiNTs is a 3d, gaming and utility NFT collection that stands for positivity, inclusion and cuteness.We are building a world-class, family friendly NFT and p2e brand.Launched in September 2021 (with the first 100 in July 2021), this is one of the first female-led gaming NFTs, and it came from a place of my own personal depression.You can read the full story on our whitepaper and website linked in this section.

My 2d ART and other NFTs

In addition to my FuZZieMiNTs collection, I'm an avid 2d artist, with many different styles.A lot of these works are NFTs.You can find them on Foundation, Opensea, OurZora and more.I'm also working on a super secret women pfp collection as the artist, that is launching this summer. Shhh....

I love collecting NFTs!

I love web3 and NFTs! And I'm a sucker for collectibles.I love supporting & investing in women-led projects, and own many such NFTs, from projects like theHug, World of Women Galaxy, Crypto chicks, Sacred Skulls, Fame Lady Squad, WoW pixies, World of Umans, Encryptas, Not Your Bro, Year of the Woman, and more!Other notable NFTs in my collections are Veefriends Series 2, Rug membership and genesis NFTs, Secret Superlative Society.I also treasure some 1/1 art from artists such as Free Dom, Linda Kristiansen, and seekers by Jeyram

My Game Dev Studio

In 2018, me and my husband co-founded our dream business, an indie game dev studio, called Stories Studio.We have created a ton of mobile games, with a spotlight on creating games for impact.Our work includes games about plastic pollution, depression, isolation, refugee crisis and more.We also create games for other publishers and corporations as well.So if you're a positive individual, that's passionate about positive change, tech and cats, LET'S CONNECT!


I'm a multidisciplinary artist. Using multiple amazing tools.
There are no limits to creation.
This top secret porfolio page has been created highlighting the best of my web3 experience. I've been doing NFTs since April 2021, and love to collect NFTs, connect and work with multiple projects and build my web3 legacy.While I've done it all, including collabs, discord setup, hosting spaces,creating websites (including this one), launching full projects, marketing and everything in between, below are my most favorite things to do and things that I excel at.


There is nothing more satisfying than creating multiple layers of art and then watching an algorithm create combinations that I could never have imagined. I have experience in multiple projects of creating generative art layers, both 2d and 3d.My latest work is the art of Summer girls (currently not doxxed for the project, so please keep confidential)
Tools: Procreate

Graphic Design

I love branding, bringing together the look and the feel of a project.Loving vector art as much as I love my freehand illustrations.
Creating banners, logos, videos, animation and more.
Tools I use: Adobe Illustrator, Canva, Wondershare Filmora

Writing & Talking

Writing has been a passion of mine, since I was a young tween. Most recently I've written the FuZZieMiNTs whitepaper and medium articles.And talking? Even longer.I love to express myself through words, whether written or spoken. Love hanging out in twitter spaces, in fact I have a weekly show and I hosted 100 hours of spaces in January 2022.

3d Modeling

As a game designer, I've done a lot of 3d work. Most recently, I created a set of 5,555 NFT collectibles called FuZZieMiNTs!
I can also do basic keyframe animations.
I can also take more abstract concepts and create 3d designs from them. In FuZZieMiNTs, for example, I created designs for positive vibes such as empathy, patience, love, health etc.
Tools I use: Blender, Nomad Sculpt